Real estate poses the greatest investment many people will make in their lifetime.  The Fleenor Law Firm, LLC recognizes the gravity of these investments and provides legal representation to merit the same. 


The Fleenor Law Firm, LLC drafts legal contracts and lease agreements that meet its client's needs and expectation.  Additionally, the Firm represents landlords and tenants in disputes involving property rights and possession in rental agreements. 


If you are struggling with a boundary line dispute, unsure about the status of an existing easement, or need a new easement to meet your real estate needs, the Fleenor Law Firm, LLC is willing to address your concerns.  If you find yourself in a similar struggle over real estate ownership, the Fleenor Law Firm, LLC will be more than happy to discuss your rights, including the rights and responsibilities associated with the filing of a partition suit. 


Real estate law poses complex issues that the quality services of the Fleenor Law Firm, LLC  address with dedication to the client's interest and the law's demands.


  • Real Estate
    • Contracts for sale
    • Leases
    • Easements
    • Boundary disputes
    • Landlord / Tenant matters
    • Partition suits