Whether presented with the joy of an adoption or facing the issues associated with a divorce, paternity or modification action, the Fleenor Law Firm can assist your concerns.  Family law presents emotional challenges that must be considered in light of the law's demands.  This Firm will assist you in understanding the legal demands of family law while ensuring that the emotional challenges with which you are faced are not overlooked. 


Should you seek to dissolve your existing marriage and have concerns regarding maintenance, asset distribution, debt distribution, child custody and child support, the Fleenor Law Firm would be happy to meet with you.  If you are faced with struggles involving the paternity of a child, or custody or support of the child, this Firm can provide counsel to assist with your situation. 


Should you wish to adopt a child, this Firm is more than willing to assist you in the process as the joy of family should never be disregarded of underestimated.  As a Christian-based law firm we recognize the importance of families, and wish to provide exceptional representation to our clients in their most difficult situations.


  • Family Law
    • Dissolution of Marriage
    • Paternity Actions
    • Modification of Child Custody and Child Support Judgments
    • Child Custody
    • Child Support
    • Adoptions